Do I have to pay?

Nope! It’s completely free.

How often are events?

Every single Friday at 8:30pm during lockdown.

How long do the events last?

About 45 mins, depending on how everyone is feeling. Our hosts, Marley and Alex will make the call.

What happens if I’m late?

If you’re late you’ll go into the main room and chill with Alex and Marley until everyone else is done with that round of video calls. But after 9pm The Smoking Area is shut to latecomers.

What if my friend is late?

Same thing goes. As long as they hop on before 9pm they’re good. Alex and Marley will make sure you guys get put in the same room.

What if I have to leave?

That’s cool! Things are crazy at the moment so you gotta do you. If you can, wait ‘til you’re back in the main room with everyone.

What happens to The Smoking Area after lockdown?

We do have plans for after lockdown! We’ll keep y’all updated as we start to see the lockdown lift.

Any other questions?

No probs! Send us a DM on Insta or drop us an email.